Those Who Live With The Dhamma Are Protected By The Dhamma

The mission of  Waterloo Wellington Buddhist Monastery and Meditation Center("Previously "Waterloo Wellington Buddhist Cultural Association") is to provide a place and forum for Buddhists and those interested in Buddhism to learn, understand, research, and practice Buddhism according to Sri Lankan Theravada traditions. According to the Buddha, no one should accept Buddhist principles just because it was preached by the Buddha, read them in scripture, or are taught by priests. Instead of teaching doctrines, the Buddha taught how each person could realize the truth for themselves. The focus of Buddhism is on realization and practice rather than memorization and belief.

In spite of its emphasis on free inquiry, Buddhism is not whatever an individual wants it to be. It might best be understood as an exacting discipline. Although Buddhist teachings should not be accepted on blind faith, understanding what the Buddha taught is an important part of that discipline.